David started his life long interest in photography at about 10 years old by making his own pin-hole camera from details in a boy's project book!

He entered his first photographic competition in 1965 and his work was accepted for exhibition by both Winchester and Oxford Photographic Societies in 1966.

Since then David has frequently had work accepted for exhibitions and placed in competitions.

Since his first home made camera, he has used a variety of rangefinder and reflex 35mm and medium format film camera's, moving to digital image capture in 2002. He currently uses a digital inter-changeable lens compact system camera with mZuiko and Leica DG lenses.

He is a member of:

Royal Photographic Society

The Leica Fellowship

Southampton Camera Club

and a Past President of:

Winchester Photographic Society

An Artiste of the International Federation of Photographic Art (AFIAP)